Meal options

Mr. Chick

1125 38th Blvd NE, Cairo
Phone: (229) 377-3911

Authentic southern cooking, known for their fried chicken and famous Jason Sauce. An original, hometown favorite of Grady County.

Taco 'n madre

21 Martin Luther King Jr Ave, Cairo
Phone: (229) 200-5111

Located just outside of Downtown Cairo, this eatery offers genuine Mexican cuisine at a fair price point.

Home slice pizza

735 US-84, Cairo
Phone: (229) 397-0188

Serving unique pizza flavors paired with quirky names. An eclectic take on a cheesy classic.

maryland fried chicken

149 US-84, Cairo
Phone: (229) 377-0188

Serving crisp and tender fried chicken in Cairo since 2010, this local eatery is iconic for their variety of fresh sides and complementing sauces - plus their famous Breakfast Bowls!



141 S Broad St, Cairo
Phone: (229) 397-7865

Local restaurant in Downtown Cairo offering American-style food and four pool tables with hourly rates. Join them for lunch and dinner, then stay a while to play a game (or two).

San marcos mexican grill

303 8th Ave NE, Cairo
Phone: (229) 397-9090

A taste of Mexico that's been in town since 2006. The tacos are a great recommendation for any visitor, traveling or local!

Grits - "A southern event"

109 2nd Ave NE, Cairo
Phone: (229) 377-0611

Farm-to-table Southern cooking, buffet style. Best recommendations are the fried chicken and the cake-based desserts.


1255 US-84, Cairo
Phone: (229) 378-8869

Serving authentic Mexican cuisine in a colorful, inviting atmosphere - giving you a taste and feel of Mexico.

the pickle patch deli

150 1st St SE, Cairo
Phone: (229) 377-9485

A delicious deli and restaurant serving breakfast and lunch. Buffet style offered at select times on Saturdays and Sundays.

casa grande bar and grill

2800 US-84, Cairo
Phone: (229) 378-2799

The perfect Mexican restaurant that serves sizzling fajitas to cheesy quesdillas and much more!

Gate 16 cafe

152 S Broad St, Cairo
Phone: (229) 397-7000

Sandwich and salad shop at the center of Downtown Cairo's Gate 16 Plaza. A welcoming atmosphere for relaxation and  chats over lunch.

3 squares diner

38 East Blvd NE, Cairo
Phone: (229) 377-8157

Warm and inviting diner with classic American-style food options from hamburgers to milkshakes.

Delicous Delights

195 3rd St SE, Cairo
Phone: (229) 377-0563

A cafe right outside of Downtown Cairo offering sandwiches, salads, coffee, and sweet treats - and free WiFi. Local favorites include their chicken salad, smoothies, ice cream and brownies!

no. 1 china

325 8th Ave NE, Cairo
Phone: (229) 378-8828

A delicious Chinese food restaurant. Well-known for their orange chicken and their reasonable prices.

Dog world

1004 1st Ave NE, Cairo
Phone: (229) 397-3647

Serving the best hot dogs in Grady County at an unbeatable price! Famous for their chilli dogs and have-it-your-way service.

Whigham Cafe

102 E Broad Ave, Whigham
Phone: (229) 762-3281

Come enjoy Southern food at its finest with dine-in, carry out, and catering options available for the whole family. Family owned and operated.

Scott's Tasty chicken

1200 Martin Luther King Jr. Ave, Cairo
Phone: (229) 377-3431

Delicious, local, greasy-spoon fast food - enough said!


Steve's country store

2752 Hwy 112 N, Cairo
Phone: (229) 377-8996

Located north of Cairo near Tired Creek Lake, this one-stop-shop is convenient for visitors looking to grab a bite and stock up, too.

surf (1)

Rock bottom seafood & Grill

197 Martin Luther King Jr Ave SW, Cairo
Phone: (229) 397-3471

The best restaurant for surf and turf in the county, open Thursday through Saturday.

Drinks, treats, & more

Syrup City donuts

831 1st Ave NW, Cairo, GA 39828
Phone: (229) 378-2824

Locals all agree - you can't miss these donuts and coffee! Made by hand every morning.

center drugs soda fountain

133 2nd Ave SE, Cairo GA 39828
Phone: (229) 377-2777

Sip on shakes from a 1950s-inspired ice cream parlor while browsing for gifts in the pharmacy section.

hi-way bait and tackle

88 Market St, Cairo, GA 39828
Phone: (229) 377-6262

Catch a drink and some live music at this local pub, which doubles as a sports and recreation shop

Cairo Nutrition

135 2nd Ave SE, Suite B, Cairo, GA 39828
Phone: (229) 397-1355

Serving signature shakes and specialty teas for a special for a healthy start, middle, or end to your day.

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