RoDdenbery Memorial Library and Geanology center

320 N Broad Street, Cairo
(229) 377-3632

A library with a wide and varied selection of books and novels. It owns one of the biggest collections in the South and specializes in children's books. The library is also working in concert with a genealogy project that would allow Georgians from any county to track their family history back to when they first moved to the state.

Cairo antique car museum

1125 US Highway 84 E, Cairo
(229) 377-3911

Mr. Chick's very own stunning array of antique cars, pedal cars, bicycles and motorcycles. The museum boasts cars from every decade since the 1900s and also includes a showroom with antique fire engines and historic memorabilia. Among the collection is the car from the classic film Driving Miss Daisy.  Open for groups by appointment only (for now).

Iron Sculptures

The Iron Sculptures of Cairo are a little known hidden gem that can only be found off the beaten path. Created by a local artist, these sculptures are composed of singular types of iron from discardable machines and reinvented into iron horses, iron hawks, even iron dragons! This is one of the rarer finds in Cairo, GA and should not be missed by visitors!

Grady Cultural Center

101 1st Street, Cairo
(229) 377-1722, ext. 187

This old syrup plant was built as a warehouse by W.G. Cannon in 1915 as an expansion to his syrup barrel manufacturing business. The adaptive re-use of this 14,000 square foot historic facility into a community cultural center pays homage to early 20th Century construction with exposed wood ceilings, giant timbers, exposed brick walls and concrete flooring.

Jeep Guide Museum

Please contact us at (229) 377-1722, ext. 187 for specific coordinates

Antique jeeps that survived past wars and now call Grady County home. The Jeep Guide Museum is full of relics of history and fascinating tales of the journey these vehicles went through to get here still intact. Enlightening place to visit for history buffs and war experts alike!

Grady county Museum and History center

101 N Broad St., Cairo
(229) 377-5142

Learn all about the heritage of our history-rich community in the center of downtown Cairo. There are photographs, antiques and other collectibles that will take you through Grady County’s journey. The museum also features an art gallery and work from local artists as well as a working “G” scale train model and railroad artifacts.

Jackie Robinson Birthplace site

Please contact us at (229) 377-1722, ext. 187 for specific coordinates

Jackie Robinson was born at this site on January 31, 1919 before moving to California in 1920. All that remains after a fire spread throughout the home is the fireplace and chimney, but it remains a local treasure and enduring part of the community's history.

Popes Museum

192 Pope’s Store Rd, Ochlocknee
(229) 307-0037

A non-profit organization established to preserve the history and artwork of the former home of Laura Pope Forester. Run owner by Michelle Dean, this non-profit museum is here to highlight the achievements and contributions of the late-feminist artist.

Zebulon theater

207 N Broad Street, Cairo
(229) 377-3302

Built in 1935, this place is a real movie treat. The Zebulon is an Art Deco style, old-time theater that has been remodeled to continue bringing culture and film into the community. Check out local listings for movies and times.

Skate Towne of cairo

21 20th Street NE, Cairo
(229) 377-1004

An indoor roller skating rink that provides an outlet of fun for the community. Has a themed skate night every day of the week and is family-run and owned in order to create a safe space for children and parents to enjoy.

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