Living life.

At its core, Grady County has numerous natural wonders to discover. It’s a place to slow down and smell the trout lilies. Finding your way back here, to nature, is the simplest part of your visit.

Where history meets fun ...

As a county rich in history, Grady County has preserved much of its legacy and historical monuments in order for both residents and visitors alike to come remember the highlights of the past.

We are proud to be the birthplace of many unique annual festivals that bring in people from all walks of life to our county. From the Rattlesnake Roundup to the Mule Day festival, it’s genuine fun for everyone here.

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There are many activities to do and places to explore in Grady County. Our county is home to beauty and landscapes where hiking trails or interacting with nature is just part of everyday life.

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Comfort food can be found everywhere in Grady County and we certainly know how to cook it. There’s a perfect soulmate or soul food eatery for anyone’s tastes here.

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