Grady county


For many of our visitors, Grady County is like coming home. It’s  remembering the comfort food of our families, the kindness of a close community, and the rediscovery of nature that’s been left to its own devices. In Grady County, there is an activity for everyone, from strolling the grounds of our Birdsong Nature Preserve to unearthing your inner artist at the Queen of Arts studio. Here is a place where you can rest for awhile or longer through reconnecting with yourself and others around you. We have as much to give as you are willing to receive. 

-Grady County

Real people, real escape, real county. 

Living life
on the edge

Grady County exists at the borderline between Georgia and Florida, which makes it a convenient and refreshing resting point for our traveling visitors. Not to mention, only 66 miles to the closest beach. 

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Real people, real activities, and real relaxation is what Grady county is all about. We hope you love all of these qualities as much as we do.

Take a Closer Look

Our story

Nestled in a southernmost tip of Georgia, Grady County was officially established in 1905. Our name is a clear nod to Henry W. Grady, the famous orator and coiner of the term “The New South”, and we embrace our real southern roots whole-heartedly. Our lovely county consists of the cities of Cairo and Whigham, and are perfect representatives of our unified identities.

As a small county, we’re often underestimated or overlooked as a visitation destination, but we know how much we truly have to offer and know we want to share it with the rest of the world. Or, at least, with our curious neighbors. All that makes up Grady County, the people, the culture and history, the avenues to Southern nature, or the hospitality we’re known for, is what we can teach and offer to our guests and visitors. We believe that the sharing of our ideas, of our customs, and of ourselves is what people travel to our county to participate in and appreciate.